Remember, this is a pilot project. Students may lose this space
if we don’t follow these community guidelines:

1. Keep paint on boards.

2. Do not get paint on trees or buildings.

3. Used paint cans go in special bin and leave the space cleaner than you find it

4. This is a safe space! Be respectful of other students, their expressions and ideas. This space is not a high school bathroom stall, it is a place for beautiful student art.

5. Respect other’s art. If you don’t think you can do a better job, then don’t cover it up.

6. Share this space. It is a community resource to be used and shared by all.

7. If you see anything that does not follow the community guidelines go to

8. The boards will be repainted for a blank canvas at the start of each quarter.

The ideas and thoughts expressed in the Graffiti Art Park do not necessarily represent the students nor the university. The Art Park is self-policed by the students, and boards are painted a solid color at the start of each quarter to allow for fresh pieces to be created.

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